CKD Biomarkers Heading

CKD Biomarkers Consortium Overview

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) established the CKD Biomarkers Consortium (BioCon) to promote the discovery and validation of biomarkers to advance the field of chronic kidney disease (CKD) research. Phase I of BioCon began in 2009 and will continue into 2016. Phase II of BioCon began in July 2015 with a reconstituted set of investigators and scientific activities.

The NIDDK CKD Biomarkers Consortium brings together investigators whose expertise includes clinical nephrology, epidemiology, molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, systems biology, laboratory medicine, biostatistics, and laboratory test verification and qualification. BioCon is a collaborative effort involving numerous investigators from multiple institutions working together to pursue the development and validation of novel biomarkers for CKD by assaying biological specimens and utilizing data from the nation’s largest epidemiological studies of kidney disease.

CKD Biomarkers: Focusing on the Future

Investigators of CKD BioCon will hold a meeting on November 1 -2, 2022 in Orlando, FL. to review the consortium’s findings and discuss the opportunities for biomarker research in kidney diseases presented by BioCon investigators. Also included in this meeting will be an informal networking and informational poster session, an early stage investigator session about how to access BioCon data, an optional one-on-one mentoring session with BioCon investigators for early stage investigators, and a panel discussion about opportunities and directions of future biomarker research in CKD that will include representatives from industry, those living with CKD, the FDA, and various research organizations.

Over two days (Agenda), this meeting will provide participants with opportunities to:

  1. Learn about CKD BioCon findings
  2. Learn about the extensive data resources generated by CKD BioCon and how to access them
  3. Learn about the available opportunities to get involved with CKD BioCon data
  4. Brainstorm about possible areas of future investigation
  5. Network with and receive mentorship from established CKD biomarker researchers
  6. Understand more about the process of biomarker qualification, the use of biomarkers in clinical trials and drug development

Registration for this event is required and is limited. There is no registration fee. Travel grants are available to support travel costs for fellows and trainees. The application for travel grants is included in the registration. Pending available resources, travel expenses may be offset for other participants with limited funds for travel.

The registration deadline is October 14, 2022.

Please use this link to register to attend the symposium: Register for CKD Biomarker Meeting

Collaborations with the CKD Biomarkers Consortium

Investigators interested in collaborating with the CKD Biomarkers Consortium should contact:

Krista Whitehead, MS
Research Project Manager
Perelman School of Medicine
at The University of Pennsylvania